Blockchain mass adoption will soon be a reality!

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AlterVerse: Disruption is now LIVE on Steam!

Get it (You will receive a Steam key via email upon purchase.)

The Game:

Disruption is the first of several planned games in the AlterVerse. You’ll start your adventure aboard a massive Disrupter Starship exploring the Solone solar system, raiding and looting as you go.

5 Games in 1 — Plus Tournaments!

Starship Raider: Make your fortune looting Starships! Alliance Wars: Lead your Alliance to glory in Capture the Flag action! Free-For-All Brawl: A Deathmatch Fighting Frenzy! Altercation: Explore, learn, then fly the XR75 fighter ships. (PvP battles coming soon)! Hero’s Quest: Find the keys and save the…

This is our final update before release on Steam next week!

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Click here for a list of Steam Pre-Release Events!!
Ends: 12/20/2020

We’re launching our Final Testing before release on Steam!
We’re offering some nice Prizes and Cold, Hard Cash for people who help test!

Play the NEW, Improved Starship Raider and Alliance Wars game modes and the NEW Free-For-All Brawl Deathmatch mode!
Spectators are welcome to watch all events from the NEW Spectators VIP areas!

We have quite the list of improvements and upgrades to tell you about!

NEW Free-For-All Brawl (Deathmatch) gameplay mode: The game is currently set in the redesigned Lower Launch Bay area. More map options may…

Co-op Battles — New Esports Website and much, much more.

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Check out the new site at

Major website update adds the ability for Players to challenge Players, Alliances to challenge Alliances in co-op battles, and Tournaments!

New Alliance pages on the site are highly customizable. Get just the look and feel you want for your team’s home. Display videos, screenshots, ranks, and lots of other information. Take a look and for examples.

We’ve just added an exciting co-op battle game mode called Alliance Wars. Get your friends together and challenge other teams to battle head to head.

We’ve also added a new XP Ranking…

Both the interiors and exteriors of AlterVerse Disrupter ships can now be uniquely colorized.

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Disruption, the first game in a series from AlterVerse, Inc. is playable now for alpha testers and will soon be released in Early Access on Steam. It is a PC game set aboard massive Disrupter Starships in an alternate universe. It will feature 5 games in 1. The AlterVerse team is also working on 16 pre-made game servers in various themes and gameplay modes that will make up the entirety of the AlterVerse multiverse!

Server Owners/Ship Captains now have the ability to completely customize and…

AlterVerse Inc., a next-gen, indie, game dev studio, is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our customization system.

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New Customization System Prototype

In a blockchain game industry first, the AlterVerse Customizer will allow players to apply millions of pure colors and color gradients to tokenized game skin designs. Users will be able to make incredible personalized characters and items by choosing a design and coloring each zone separately while keeping the underlying design intact.

The customization system is now linked to the Enjin wallet where players securely hold the tokenized game skins they purchase. …

A scientific breakthrough leads to a wild west adventure in an Alternate Universe.

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A disruption in the space-time continuum is created.

It was a Leap Year, the day was February 29th.

Astrophysicist Percy Mullake was experimenting again.

He had been trying unsuccessfully for three years to create an infinitesimal Einstein-Rosen bridge in his lab when suddenly a shimmering portal appeared.

This was no miniature wormhole.

He peered into it…

He tossed a pen through it...

He wanted to step into it but suspected that would end very badly...

He could barely contain his excitement!

Was it a gateway into an alternate universe?

What worlds and adventures might exist…

Intro to the Revolutionary World of Blockchain Gaming in the AlterVerse.

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AlterVerse: Disruption — Armor and Weapon Skins

How often have you wished that you could earn money while playing your favorite video games? If you’ve been looking for a way to monetize all those hours spent playing then the AlterVerse has something you’re going to love.

With blockchain technology, you no longer have to be a popular Youtuber or streamer to start making money, and you no longer have to spend hours grinding to get your hands on ultra-rare, in-game items.

has created a variety of collectible blockchain based items for pre-purchase for their upcoming gaming and world-building multiverse including ,

Chapter 1 Episode 2 — Quest for the Keys

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Bridge, Magellan Disrupter Ship: 25th Cycle, 3:50 PM AVT — 9 hours, 31 minutes post-Breach

Alarms from all over the ship were ringing in my ears as I stepped onto the bridge. Blue screens throughout the room were flashing red warnings. The smell of smoke burned my nostrils as frayed wires sparked against the ceiling. Multiple control panels along the wall smoldered. ANDI’s were frantically attempting to contain the breach.

I headed towards the helm. Maybe Commander Bowen could explain to me what I had just walked into.

He was rapidly typing commands into a control screen as I approached…

Be one of the first to get in on our Initial Asset Offering (IAO) and get incredible rates on big ticket items that will remain part of AlterVerse history and lore.

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Limited Edition Disrupter Ship/Server — Available February 16th, 2019

The AlterVerse IAO comes in TWO Stages!

Stage One - The FIRST EVER Multiverse Auction!

WHEN? - Saturday, February 9th at approximately 10 AM CST (4 pm GMT)

  1. Bid on 6 - XR75 Mavericks, only 6 will ever be minted!
  2. Bid on 32 - Magellan Crew Rooms. The Magellan was the first ship to enter the AlterVerse. Own a piece of History! Only 32 exist!

The auction only lasts one week. Then the BIG SALE starts on Saturday, February 16th! Read more below!

Stage Two - The sale of 2000 Elite Lifetime Citizenships AND 200 Limited Edition Disrupter Ship Servers!

WHEN? - Saturday, February 16th - at approximately 12 PM CST - 6 PM GMT



Why are we doing an IAO? The purpose of this IAO is…

Chapter 1 Episode 1 — Breach

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Magellan Disrupter Ship: 25th Cycle, 6 AM AVT

He awoke with a jolt, his mind replaying the events of the previous day. The crew had spent eight long hours in the ancient silver mines on the moon of Mythriel. They had made a tidy haul but the gargoyles that inhabited the mines were in a nasty mood.

Pete Jackson, a fellow crewman and a friend, had been mauled by a fast moving beast in the dark, losing an arm before crewman Laura Starr could level her plasma blaster to its head. He was taken…

AlterVerse Inc.

The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building multiverse, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds.

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