AlterVerse: Disruption LIVE on Steam

Blockchain mass adoption will soon be a reality!

AlterVerse: Disruption is now LIVE on Steam!

Get it HERE: (You will receive a Steam key via email upon purchase.)

The Game:

Disruption is the first of several planned games in the AlterVerse. You’ll start your adventure aboard a massive Disrupter Starship exploring the Solone solar system, raiding and looting as you go. Your Objective is to climb the Ranks by earning XP!

5 Games in 1 — Plus Tournaments!

Starship Raider: Make your fortune looting Starships!
Alliance Wars: Lead your Alliance to glory in Capture the Flag action!
Free-For-All Brawl: A Deathmatch Fighting Frenzy!
Altercation: Explore, learn, then fly the XR75 fighter ships. (PvP battles coming soon)!
Hero’s Quest: Find the keys and save the ship from self-destruction! (coming soon)
Esports Tournaments: Compete and Win Prizes!

The Game Creation Platform:

AlterVerse Inc. is addressing the problem of game industry giants monopolizing Indie game creators right out of the market.

AlterVerse Inc. has created decentralized, customizable, player-owned, pre-made, multi-mode, multi-player, VR compatible, Game Servers that are accessible via an interconnected gaming multiverse.

What does all that mean?

Decentralized: Players/Server Owners can own their own servers and host them on their own PC or a 3rd party cloud platform. There is no massive centralized company server farm that controls everything.

Customizable: All servers are highly customizable with many textures and designs that can be colorized even further. Soon we’ll release a set of World Building tools that will allow players to modify or create from scratch!

Pre-made: We will soon provide more pre-made game environments in various themes to get you started. Run the server right out of the box or customize it to your liking.

Multi-mode: Each game we release will have multiple pre-programmed gameplay modes the server owner can choose from and swap between. In Disruption there are 5 Games/Modes as mentioned above.

VR compatible: Experience Virtual Reality! Connect your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and immerse yourself in the infinite realms of the AlterVerse multiverse.

Interconnected gaming multiverse: Once you launch your server it will be shown on our server list for everyone to see and teleport to so you aren’t winking in the dark!

Monetization: Server owners can monetize through an extensive, generous commission system selling access to their games and earn Affiliate fees on the sales of Enjin backed skins for use in the games.

For examples of the Enjin-backed blockchain skins go HERE:

See our Steam store HERE:

With a successful launch on Steam, AlterVerse Inc. will bring 1000's of new people into the Enjin blockchain ecosystem.

How can YOU help make this huge?

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  2. Write a positive review on Steam.
  3. Forward this link to everyone you know.
  4. Join our Telegram channel to keep up:
  5. Get involved, let’s go!

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The AlterVerse is a gaming and world-building metaverse, where users can play and create an infinite number of interconnected games and worlds.