AlterVerse Initial Asset Offering!

Limited Edition Disrupter Ship/Server — Available February 16th, 2019

The AlterVerse IAO comes in TWO Stages!

Stage One - The FIRST EVER Multiverse Auction!

WHEN? - Saturday, February 9th at approximately 10 AM CST (4 pm GMT)

  1. Bid on 6 - XR75 Mavericks, only 6 will ever be minted!
  2. Bid on 32 - Magellan Crew Rooms. The Magellan was the first ship to enter the AlterVerse. Own a piece of History! Only 32 exist!

The auction only lasts one week. Then the BIG SALE starts on Saturday, February 16th! Read more below!

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Stage Two - The sale of 2000 Elite Lifetime Citizenships AND 200 Limited Edition Disrupter Ship Servers!

WHEN? - Saturday, February 16th - at approximately 12 PM CST - 6 PM GMT



Why are we doing an IAO? The purpose of this IAO is to help grow our community via heavy marketing prior to the game’s launch on Steam and to finish our graphics upgrade! We want server owners to have LOTS of Players!

Can I use Crypto to buy assets in the IAO? YES! 17 different cryptos are being accepted including ENJ, ETH, BitCoin and a ton more! Amazing right?



On February 9th we will kick off the offering by Auctioning off Six - XR75 Mavericks and 32 - Magellan Crew Rooms. XR75’s are small fighter ships located in the Launch Bay of each Disrupter ship. In striking orange and black, the XR75 Maverick’s are truly Legendary. Only six were created for the original Magellan Disrupter ship. The owner of the Maverick skin can customize it further by putting their own name on the wings. Owners will be able to use their Maverick skin on any XR75 on ANY server they visit. The auction will run for one week!

XR75 Maverick — Only 6 will ever be Minted!

Also, bid on the 32 Magellan Crew Rooms. Claim one of these historic Crew Rooms for yourself! Get your name above the door. More info on the website.

Customizable Magellan Crew Room — Get your Name on the Door!

On Saturday, February 16th at 12 PM CST - 6 PM GMT the BIG SALE begins!

Elite Lifetime Citizenships

Citizenships will be sold for $30 each with a total supply of 2000. Each Citizenship includes:

1. Access to all AlterVerse games for Life! A $300 Value minimum.
2. 200 Aces - (In-game Tokens - Temporarily Locked )
3. Unique Citizen Number - (Sold in numerical order)
4. Each Citizenship is Backed by 10 Enjin Coin
5. Citizen Tap-Link Skin - (The Tap-Link is a wearable item in-game)

  • The First 1000 to buy a Citizenship will receive a FREE “XR75 - Blue Angel” backed by 5 ENJ! Only 1000 XR75 - Blue Angel’s will ever be minted!
XR75 Blue Angel - Only 1000 will ever be minted!
Ship Captain wearing a Citizen Tap-Link Communication Device

Limited Edition Disruption Servers

Disrupter Ships/Servers will be sold for $100 in this sale only! Only 200 Disruption Servers will be released at this time. Only 2000 total will ever be minted!

1. Multi-player, customizable Disrupter Ship - Host a server and earn Aces!
2. One Elite Lifetime Citizenship. Access to all AlterVerse games for life!
3. 1000 Aces - (In-game Tokens - Temporarily Locked)
4. Unique Ship Number - (Sold in numerical order)
5. Each Server is Backed by 30 ENJ tokens.
6. 32 Individually Customizable, Sellable Crew Rooms!
7. 8 Hull Color Options - Endless Texture combinations for interior!
8. 5 Game Modes to choose from! Solo Raids, Alliance Raids, Quests, Battle Royale, and Chat servers.
9. Fully equipped with AI Defenders, ANDI’s, and Monsters!
10. Set your Treasury amount, Fees, Defenders and time limits!
11. Can be run from a Windows PC with a cable connection or better.

  • The First 100 people to buy a Server will receive 6 FREE “XR75 - Green Hornets” backed by 20 ENJ each! Only 750 - XR75 Green Hornets will ever be minted!
Red Disruption Server
XR75 Green Hornet — Only 750 will ever be minted!
Disruption Teaser Videos

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All items sold in this IAO will be sent to your wallets after the sale but will not be usable until the first game is released on Steam. Release is scheduled for Q1 2019.

Most items with the exception of Aces can be traded immediately.

Refer a Friend and earn a 10% Commission as an Affiliate! If you already have an account, then you’re already an Affiliate. If not, you will automatically become an Affiliate when you create your account. To use your Affiliate link, create your FREE account on our website, log in and go to


You can learn more about AlterVerse and AlterVerse: Disruption by visiting the AlterVerse website or following us on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, or join our brand new Reddit community.

Add AlterVerse to your Steam wish list here! Join us in the AlterVerse!

AlterVerse is completing a Private Pre-Seed round. If you’re an Accredited US Investor and have an interest in learning more, please shoot an email to



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